ATSC A/85 - General TV Broadcast

Validate or fix a file to match the ATSC A/85 loudness standard
by BeatRig

This recipe facilitates the analysis and processing of audio files according to the ATSC A/85 recommendations used by general USA TV broadcasts, offering options for validation and export.


By default, the script analyzes the specified file(s). If the file(s) fail validation and you have a registered copy of, a dialog will prompt you to fix the files.

File Details:

After processing, hover over a file to view detailed information about the source and destination files.


Clicking the wrench icon on the top right corner navigates you to the settings page, where you can adjust the following settings:

Target Settings:
  • Loudness: Target loudness relative to full scale (0LU).
  • Tolerance: Range within which loudness differences are not adjusted.
  • Dialog Gate: Enable dialog gate to measure loudness only during dialog.
Validation Settings:
  • TruePeak: Check if maximum peak level exceeds a certain value.
  • TruePeak Limit: Limit for fixing peaks with a true peak limiter.
  • Max-S: Check for maximum Short-Term loudness.
  • Max-M: Check for maximum Momentary loudness.
  • Loudness Range: Check if Loudness Range stays within specified range.
Export Settings:
  • Export: Process and write files to disk. Options include:
    • 'ask': Dialog after each run.
    • 'yes': Export files without user interaction.
    • 'no': Analyze without processing.
  • Overwrite: Determine behavior when encountering existing files.
  • Files: Specify which files to process.
    • 'all': Process and fix invalid files, copy valid files.
    • 'fixed': Process and fix invalid files only.
  • Custom Folder: Specify a custom export folder.
  • Sub Folder: Specify a sub folder name for export.
  • Name Tag: Add custom text to fixed file names.
  • Revalidate: Choose whether to completely re-analyze files after processing.

How to operate




Most audio/video files with a single (mono, stereo or surround) stream will be checked

PCM Audio file (wav, aiff) will be fixed if needed


R128 compliant PCM audio file (same format as input)

  • Loudness equals -23LUFS (+/- 0.5LU)
  • TruePeak does not exceed -1.0dB




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This recipe is included in the free version of Magnetron