Meet Magnetron.APP

A powerful tool that streamlines and automates processes for professional content creation.

Designed for audio engineers, editors, and sound designers, Magnetron.App is an extremely powerful desktop application that wraps up your repetitive tasks with a one-click recipe.


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  • complimentary recipes
  • expert recipes
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Cook smarter, not harder.

With just one button there is no room for error and no extra work during production. You are only three steps away:

  • Select Recipe
  • Add Files
  • Run

Learn more about operating Magnetron.APP.

more than a batch processor

A recipe replaces a piece of your workflow.

Therefore every recipe will behave a little different. Some recipes don't need input files and wil guide you trough the process after clicking start.

For example creating a SPOT MXF from a ProRes follows these steps:

  • Select the recipe and Press start
  • Fill the fields
  • Press create

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